Samstag, 4. Juni 2011


                                                             One of the best things in world.
                                                  Burgerparty anyone?See I'm ready for this(;

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011


Today,was another spend-your-money-on-something-you-dont-really-need-day and I have to say,that I love my new ring.And I just HAD to buy this one,it's sew byootiful.

Todays Outfit

What I'm wearing today.Felt like show u this ;)


Goooood morning.So,the day starts great.Going to the city later (I really haaave to buy new clothes) and then,I dont know,haha.But I think I'll watching movies or stuff. But before that wonerful day can start- i have to clean my room,uff.

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011


                      Dinner with my best friend.We cooked,and I have to say,it was delicious.


I love her.


I got so many new obsessions&inspirations,gosh.
So,I adore that movie 'Beastly' .It's so awesome,I don't know how to say this.Just watch it,you won't regret.
Then,I love the Olsen Twins.Their hair,their face AND their style.They're so stunning.
Then I think I got a crush on a few guys,but I won't say which ones,nah:) Stalking some people on blogger now.

Beauty over Money Honey

White Black Blue

Sandro lace tee
$315 -

Elizabeth and James navy blazer
140 GBP -

Short short
$65 -

H M ballerina flat
9.99 GBP -

American Vintage brown belt
30 EUR -

Polyvore is

my new obsession. I just love it.Maybe I'll post some looks of myself,when my camera finally works.It's broken.Wanted to put my guitar back and put it on its place.Then I did't saw that my guitar is sliding and then boomms,it fell down and took my camera(which was in front of my guitar) with.I was sososo much about to cry.Actually my camera is my baby.Now I have to wait,a friend of my dad trys to repair it.So I'll post my looks,like what I wore today(like all fahsion-bloggers do:) ), per polyvore.

Million Stars

Studded leather jacket
190 EUR -

$80 -

18k ring
$18,500 -

Alexander Wang shoulder bag
543 GBP -


Totally forgot this site exist.Dont feel like blogging